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Flying Borduna
Flying Borduna
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The Borduna is the fighting club of the rain forest Indians of the Amazon.
It is a symbol of their cultural strength and independence. It has come to you
because the Indians need your support to help them to protect the rain forest
where they live, which is threatened on all sides. We need to protect it because
it is an important climate change regulator, home to more than half of the species
of plants and animals on our planet, and a vital reservoir of carbon.
Please help us to help them. We are a small charity which supports small,
community-based projects which bring a direct and immediate benefit to
the people of the rain forest. 
Click on the flying borduna to make a donation by credit card;
If you can't see the borduna, click here to go to the website:
or here to make a donation:
(you may have to copy the website address and paste it into your browser)
Please forward this email to people you know.
We want to see how far the borduna will fly. Step 3 is a quick email to
to let us know how far it has travelled. Include your country and town or city.
We will never disclose your information to anyone else.
We will send you occasional updates about our work if you wish;
if you don't want us to, put 'No news' in your email.
If you don't do any of these three things, nothing bad will happen to you.
If you do, you can feel good knowing that you have helped
some of the most threatened people on Earth
- and made a contribution to the fight against global warming.
If the email you received is looking very 'forwarded' and untidy,
download a fresh copy by clicking here. When the page opens in your browser,
select the whole page and paste it into a 'new message' in your email system
IPCST - Indigenous People's Cultural Support Trust is registered with the English Charity Commission, number 1050461

Flying Borduna